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Building Instructions

All the new Matador building instructions are available for you to download.
Eventually, we will also have older model suggestions online, including some from the past Matador journals.

Remember that these 'Building Instructions' are only suggestions, a few examples of what can be built.
Children's imagination will create thousands of different projects.

Please feel free to post images of your creations on our Facebook pages.
Matador, educational toys, wooden toys, construction sets

Ki Series (children 3+ years)

Ki 1  (1.6 MB)
Ki 2  (2.7 MB)
Ki 3  (4.3 MB)
Ki 4  (1 MB)

Alternative illustrations (same models):

Ki 0  (0.5 MB)
Ki 1  (0.7 MB)
Ki 2  (1.4 MB)
Ki 3
  (1.6 MB)
Ki 4  (2.1 MB)


Classic Series (children 5+ years)

Classic 0  (2.3 MB)
Classic 1  (1 MB)
Classic 2  (1.7 MB)
Classic 3  (1.3 MB)
Classic 5  (1.8 MB)


Historical Matador Classic Instructions

Classic 2 (1960's) in English!  (2.4 MB)
Marble Machine (from Classic 5)  (2.3 MB)
Classic 6 (1970's) (complete) (4.3 MB)

Diesel Engine (from #7)

Wind/Hammer Mill (from #7)

Ferries Wheel (from #8)

Locomotive (from #8) (a)
Locomotive (b)

Electric Train (from #8) (a)
Electric Train (b)
Electric Train (c)
Electric Train (d)

Old Truck (from #8) (a)
Old Truck (b)

Suspension Bridge (from #8)

Weaving Machine (from #8) (a)
Weaving Machine (b)

Cable Car (from #8) (a) (4.3 MB)
Cable Car (b)

Crane (from #8) (a)
Crane (b)

Church/Large Building (from #8)

Wind Mill (from #8)